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Lindy Hoppers Fund
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We identify the social services currently being used by participants and explore the resources available to participants.

Housing/Residential resources provide fair housing, food and transportation to participants.

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Health & Wellness Support

 · Development of
   Individualized Health &
   Wellness Promotion

 · Referrals to the
   appropriate    specialists, health
   care providers and
   health services

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Financial Assistance

Assistance can be provided for essential living expenses:

 · Housing
 · Utilities
 · Medical Expenses
 · Transportation
 · Relief of Debt

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Tributes & Memorials
Frankie Manning

Frankie Manning has been one of the most important forces in the development and dissemination of the lindy hop since the 1930s.
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Coley Wallace

Coley Wallace Last of the Savoy bouncers. It's hard to imagine how the dance would have acquired its extraordinary sensitivity without them.
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